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How to Make Ending Credits on Avid Media Composer

how to make end credits

The Avid Media Composer computer program allows you to import video shot with a digital camera, edit it into a film or home movie and then export it to share online or through a DVD player. If you are using Avid to create a student or professional film, you will need to insert credits to acknowledge those who helped you create it. Creating ending credits with Avid involves creating a title and then animating it.


Open Avid Media Composer and open the project to which you want to add credits. Click on the "Bin Menu" option and then click on "New Title." The title creator will appear along with a large text area in the preview window. Click on this area and type in your credits into the box. The box will be much larger than the viewable area on the screen -- this is fine, as you will be scrolling the credits.

Click on the selection tool and click on the text box. You

will be able to drag the box to the location you want the text to appear, or click on the corners of the box to change the size and shape. Use the "Font" menu on the toolbar to change the appearance and size of the text.

Click on the "File" option at the top of the screen and choose "Save Title." Type in the name of your credits and then click the "Save" button. The credits will appear as a clip in the main editing window. Drag the credits clip to the location on the timeline where you want them to appear in the movie.

Click on the "Roll" button on the bottom of the editing window to begin rolling the credit sequence. The credits will roll all the way through during the clip in the timeline. If you want to make the credit sequence shorter, clip off a few seconds of the clip. The credits will roll faster to complete in the shorter amount of time.

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