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How to make rolling credits

how to make rolling credits

Rolling Credits are One of the Custom Animations in PowerPoint

By Wendy Russell. Presentation Software Expert

Animation of Rolling Credits

This animated GIF above demonstrates a simple addition you can add to your PowerPoint presentation. Give the credit to those who helped you make your wonderful presentation.

This tutorial will take you through the steps to add a final slide to your PowerPoint presentation with the rolling credits. There are a few different methods to do this task, but this is my preferred method.

Add the Text for the Rolling Credits

By Wendy Russell. Presentation Software Expert

Add a New Slide

The rolling credits will be added on a new PowerPoint slide. Insert a new slide, using the default slide layout of a title and bulleted list text box.

Type your title in the Title placeholder text box.

Type the first name (and any

other relevant information) in the list. Press the Enter key five times before typing the second entry in the list. Repeat for all names in the list.

Note - You will notice as you continue to type more names, that the text box remains the same size, but the text becomes smaller, in order for all the text to be accommodated inside the text box.

Do not be concerned about this now. We will edit that in a later step.

If you wish to add a closing statement following the list of names, such as "The End" or some other closing remark, I found that you need to separate this line of text from the previous line by seven rows, rather than the five that were used to separate the names in the list. This will place the final statement in the center of the slide when the task is complete.

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