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How to make star wars credits

how to make star wars credits

Using background animated video, zoom effect, and as an overlay with perspective

This tutorial created for Pinnacle Studio 1-15 can also be done with new Studio version with a few adjustments. These adjustments are shown in bold italics: "If you use a new Studio version <. >"

This tutorial was developed by Clopin (*). Faced with the continuing requests from Studio users, I updated it to make it available to all users. Here is what you will be able to achieve after following this tutorial :

We will assume that you have at least Studio 10 Plus to use this tutorial. If you have Studio 10 (no plus), you may do so but additional rendering will be needed. Studio Plus, with its video track, overlay track and title track will allow us to easily achieve this small tutorial. We will also use the Pinnacle Studio RTFx standard effects: RTFX Standard Pan and Zoom, RTFX Standard Speed and RTFX Studio Plus color Keying (Chroma Key), and a JPs Effects plug-in, Form Transform (0.8) which you

can find on the JPs Effects site .

I suggest a little journey into space, to show you the possible applications of some of these effects:

  • First, we will use the Pan and Zoom effect to create an animated video background from some pictures of star-filled skies
  • Then, in order to create the movement, we will use the RTFX Standard Speed effect
  • Then, with the Color Keying effect (Chroma Key), we are going to simulate the view from the inside of a spaceship
  • And finally, with the JPs Effects plugins, we will create a perspective view, in the manner of a simulated Star Wars scroll.

The tools you will need:

- A graphics program, such as Photoshop, PaintShop or other.

- Studio Plus

- JPs Effects plug-ins for the title

- For the time-challenged among you, the pack " " (including the images presented here, Star Wars fonts, videos of stars, etc. ) is available in the « Associated Link(s) » section below

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