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How Can I Obtain My Credit Score For Free

how to obtain my credit score

Once a long time ago I remember getting my credit score for free but I can’t remember how. I think I applied for a loan or mortgage. Do you have any creative ideas about how to obtain a credit score for free? I don’t believe in paying for it. I think it’s just another ploy to get people’s money. Happy Holidays. You cannot get a free credit SCORE on any website for free even when they claim you can. They still want you to pay to join their website. Please only suggest creative alternatives to websites. Thanks. Essentially — Wamu gives you your score from one of the bureaus if you have a credit card with them. You could also sign up for a free trial for one of those identiy protection things. Bank of America’s privacy

assist gives you your score from all 3 bureaus. Other major banks like Citi and Chase will give you the same free trial, but only a score from one bureau. BofA only unpdates the report every 3 months so it will not update or change your score before the trial is up. But you can use a little program they have to predict what your score will be as time passes or if you do certain things. Don’t forget to cancel.

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I went to (a legitimate and free site) and received the three reports from Equifax, Transunion, and Experion. The reports list all of my credit cards and loans, but they leave out my score.

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