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How To Open An Account At A Credit Union

This week I had the opportunity to open a new checking and savings account with a local credit union, 12 1 Financial Credit Union. Opening an account can feel a little intimidating if you have never done it before, so I documented my experience to show you that it’s really easy!

Mom drove me to the branch closest to us. We did not have an appointment but didn’t have to wait at all. One of the financial services representatives, Mr. Bybee, took us into his office area and we got started right away. I let him know that I wanted to start a new checking and savings account. I wasn’t sure how much money I would need to start an account so you can imagine how surprised I was when he told me that I could start the savings account with as little as $5. I had $20 so I was more than covered.

Got started right away! Mr. Bybee was great!

He did need a drivers license or ID so I got that out for him and he started the process. He got my address and such entered in and asked me a few questions. It was then that we discovered that my mom would have to be on the account with me because I’m not eighteen yet. I was really glad I had asked her to come along! Mr. Bybee explained that if you are not eighteen yet you cannot be held legally responsible for the account so a parent or guardian is required. When my birthday comes in March I will be able to have the account on my own.

Everything was going great until he asked me for my social security number. Uh Oh. I’m a terrible person and I haven’t memorized my number. What made it worse was that I didn’t think to bring my card with me. UGH. I felt so silly and I was trying to be so grown up! My mom offered to run back to the house and grab it for me and it only took her about ten minutes. (Thanks Mom!) So

much for having it all together…


After we got the number we were able to finish up the paperwork and get everything finalized. I decided not to order checks right away because it’s likely that I will mainly use the debit card for the account. Mr. Bybee told me that I could order checks at any time – and the best part is that 12 1 Financial gives you the first box of checks for free!

He gave me all of the info that I would need about my new accounts and all of the services that the credit union offers in a nice envelope. This will help me stay organized and keep all of my account statements and such together. While he finished everything up my mom made me sit there and memorize my social security number so those couple of minutes were not wasted. Ahem.

Feeling better and putting the whole social security card snafu behind me…

To recap you will need:

*A parent or guardian if you are under 18 and their ID

*Some form of ID for yourself

*Basic info such as your address, etc.


And that’s basically it. It didn’t take very long at all. I will get my debit card for the account in 7 – 10 business days and will be ready to go!

I’m also excited to announce a partnership with 12 1 Financial! They are committed to helping young people have a better understanding of credit unions and how ‘banking’ at a credit union can be very helpful to everyone, especially teens. They will be helping me learn more about credit unions and their benefits so I can share that and other information with all of you. I am excited to be working with 12 1 Financial and hope that you will enjoy learning more about credit unions along with me. You can be sure I will always give my honest opinion!

Thrilled about my partnership with 12 1!

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