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Credit Card Lock Pick Set James Bond Sale

A credit card lock pick set is a fantastic tool to have when you're locked out of the house and you're not willing to call a locksmith or jimmy your way in. This set is just 0.125 inches thick, so you can safely stash it in your wallet and no one will ever know. The back slides off to reveal four individual picks and a double-sided tension tool.

Each pick is made from solid, stamped stainless steel. Forget calling a locksmith or breaking a window to get in. As long as you know how to use these convenient lock picks, you can save your hard-earned money. The actual card says it belongs to James Bond, which also makes it a great conversation piece.

This credit card lock pick set includes:

  • A small half-diamond pick
  • A short hook pick
  • A snake rake pick
  • A single-sided pick
  • A flat tension tool with a thin end and a thick end

Lock picking equipment is non-returnable, but we will replace defective items within the warranty period.

Customer Reviews

AMAZING. February 22, 2011 Reviewer: Jake I never picked a lock before but this is great.

Works. September 11, 2010 Reviewer: CK Simple but it works!

lock picks, May 17, 2010 Reviewer: Jack Carter I have never had a lock pick set before so I can’t compare but based on my knowledge of tools these seem to be very high quality and so far I have been having fun trying them out. I have ordered a book on lock picking which should help.

Dont leave home without it. July 27, 2009 Reviewer: S1019 I agree with Agent Squirrel, the card could look more realistic and I would like the picks to lock in place, but other than that it is a great item to have in your wallet or briefcase when a full size pick set is just too bulky or conspicuous.

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