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How to process credit cards manually

how to process credit cards manually

Can I manually process credit card payme.

Yes, your firm can manually process credit card payments for clients. This is useful for situations such as your client stopping by the office or calling in to make a payment. In essence, MyCase can act as a virtual cash register for your firm.

To manually process a credit card payment.

Open the Invoice Details page for the invoice you'd like to receive payment on.

Click the orange Receive Payment button.

When the Receive Payment window appears, click the green tab labeled Online Payment (pictured below). Enter the credit/debit card information for your client into the appropriate fields.

Once complete, click the blue button

labeled Receive Payment. The payment will be processed.

To manually process a credit card payment for an invoice, the invoice must have Online Payments enabled. If you try to process an online payment on an invoice with online payments disabled, the green tab will give you a warning (pictured below).

As you can see, you are warned that This bill has not been configured to receive online payments. However, you can easily enable online payment options right from this screen. Keep in mind, if you enable online payments for this invoice, every client and contact the invoice is shared with will be able to make a payment on the invoice.

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