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how to put credits in imovie

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If you find that Lennart's suggestions don't help you might try Rolling Credits.

Rolling Credits lets you specify the size and font in your credits. In fact you can freely mix sizes, fonts and colors, add images that scroll with the text etc. The DV file created can be imported into iMovie and accurately represents your choices.

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Hi Woodie:

The 2 GB file limit was for versions of iMovie before iMovie HD (iMovie 5). The current version of iMovie does not have the file size limitation.

The work around mentioned is if you are using iMovie 4 or earlier AND you are creating a very long credit crawl, i.e. longer than 9 minutes and

28 seconds.

Note the suggestion that perhaps you shouldn't subject your viewers to such a long list of credits. but if you must then QT Pro can help you separate the long RC file into chunks that iMovie 4 and earlier need for importing.

I will update the Tutorial to reflect the fact that this is not necessary in iMovie 5.

Hope that clears things up, and may I wish everyone a very Happy New Year.



PS: If you need RC support you can get in touch, off list, by using my email address. (Click on my name at the top left of this message).

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