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How to raise chase credit card limit

how to raise chase credit card limit

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So I've had a Chase Freedom for almost 7 months now. When I applied, I was approved for a $1000 limit. After 3 months, I logged in to my Chase online account and noticed they gave me a $300 increase to $1300. I've been paying my balance off on time and in full every month.

I got approved for the American Express Blue Cash Everyday Card with a $2000 limit and Citi Diamond Preferred for $4500 around the same time I applied for the Freedom. I have since doubled the BCE to $4000 and just recently received a $1300 increase to $5800 to the Citi DP.

All my other cards have limits of at least $4000 or more and the Freedom is my lowest limit card. I would love to use the Freedom more but I can't due to the low limit and I'm trying to get and keep my utilization below 10%. I've read that if I just spend more

on the card then pay it off as soon as the purchase posts to my account, that will kinda trigger Chase to consider giving me a higher limit. Is that true? I noticed that my utilization was higher than it was now at the time that I got the $300 increase so maybe it does work?

Are there any tips or advice on how to get them to give me an auto CLI. I was thinking about just applying for the Chase Slate then reallocating the limit to the Freedom but I don't want to waste a hard inquiry. The reason I don't want to add any more inquiries is because I'm going to ultimately be applying for the Sapphire Preferred in August/September and I read that having my Freedom for at least a year and being inquiry-free in the past year will increase my chances of approval so I don't want to risk that. Any and all feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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