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Why Dee Why?

A short trip away from the tourist hustle and bustle of Manly, Dee Why is a thriving suburb and locals will tell you it’s got a better beach.

Located on the northern beaches of Sydney, the origin of the suburb’s odd name is still a mystery, although local historians believe it may have Aboriginal origins.

The first known written reference to DeeWhy occurs in Field Book No. 86 of the colonial surveyor and former convict, Irishman James Meehan1. On Wednesday 27th September 1815, he commenced his survey notes for the day by writing “Dy Beach – Marked a Honey Suckle Tree – …”. Wittingly or not, Meehan had named a future suburb and created a mystery for its future inhabitants.

Today, Dee Why is one of the most affordable places to live in the region due to the large number of units and apartments which hug its coastline.

It is well-served by Sydney Buses, and it has a large number of restaurants, cafes, delis and shops which cater to a diverse ethnic mix.

According to Aussie’s “Rate Your Place” feature on ninemsn’s Your Home site, Dee Why is one of the Top 100 rated suburbs from around the country.

“Lilly”, one

of the posters to Rate Your Place, writes: “It is great, it is safe, affordable and has lots of services. Heaps of cafes and restaurants, easy transport to city, Chatswood and Manly. I love the fact that I feel safe here. The beach is great, and so cheap compared to Manly and without the tourists!”

While “mm” adds: “I hated Dee Why until I moved in. Now ….Great beach. Great restaurants. great multicultural deli’s. all essential services. less frenetic pace than Manly and then there’re the quiet secret spots to escape life in the city .”

Serge Scekic and Jim Sharif are the owners of Aussie Dee Why and Balgowlah. and for them the northern beaches is the only place to be.

“We love it here, the people are friendly and interesting and the coffee is good as well. Who ever said you can’t get good coffee north of the bridge,” Mr Sharif said.

Mr Scekic added: “There are some fantastic home units available in Dee Why, which are affordable and are in the reach of many first homebuyers .”

“And the best thing is, there’s a world class beach on your doorstep. We wouldn’t live anywhere else, but here on the Northern Beaches.”

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