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How to rebuild my credit

how to rebuild my credit

1. Goto, and download the free pdf. It will explain alot of information regarding your fico scores and the credit reporting system.

2. Goto, and obtain a free credit report from each of the three bureaus. Experian, Trans Union and Equifax. You'll need these to review to make sure items are reporting correctly on your report.

3. Goto and read the dispute letters. If anything was reported to your credit in error read below:

To dispute an item on your credit report you must submit to the credit bureau in question the following:

1. A dispute letter detailing why you believe the item in question is reporting in error. You will need to list the tradeline, the account number the company and any appropriate dates that this tradeline was reporting.

2. A

copy of your credit report from the bureau, with the tradeline, and other information highlighted.

3. Cross your fingers and wait. The credit bureaus will send to you via snail mail or email a follow up to your dispute.

The credit bureaus contact the creditors to obtain information. In most cases, depending on how old the tradeline is, the company in question:

a) will not have the information on file, and therefore the credit bureau will need to remove it from your credit report.

b) will not respond within 90 days, so it is automatically removed.

c) will have the information and will contest your dispute.

Then if you get all of those things settled, refer back to pdf and start to read again.

Good luck

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