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Recycle Gift Cards and Old Plastic Credit Cards

recycle credit cards

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Give Recycling Some Credit

Did one of your credit or debit cards just expire? At first, you may not think your old credit card or gift card is on the list of what can be recycled.

Make Guitar Picks

The PickMaster Punch lets you make your own recycled picks out of expired credit cards or gift cards.

Good news! Not only can you recycle gift cards and upcycle old credit cards into something cool, but there is also a company that you can mail them to. Instead of throwing old cards in the garbage, take a look into Earthworks System. which accepts plastic cards for recycling. According to their website, Over 75 million pounds of PVC material from plastic cards enters this country’s waste stream each year. Read on for a few more crafty recycling project ideas you can also make with old plastic cards.

UPDATE as of 12/2014: The Earthworks System website appears to be under construction and we’ve received word that shipments of old plastic cards sent to them have been returned. As with most suggestions on RecycleScene, make sure to email, call or otherwise confirm the recycling service you’re considering is still offered.

recycle gift cards

Please note: just send plastic cards- no rubber bands, paper clips or paper. Also, they ask that you please put a label or hand write the name of your organization on the package so they can track it.

Pass the word along to

your favorite stores and hotels to contact Earthworks to learn how to recycle their cards! Cards made from Earthworks 100% recycled plastic can also be purchased. After collection, cards are shredded and then turned into new sheets. When you go into a market or store, encourage retailers to be responsible by contacting Earthworks and setting up a recycling arrangement for their leftover gift cards and customer loyalty cards.

Security Concerns

If you have concerns about identity theft and sensitive credit/bank card information, you are able to cut your credit cards in pieces before you send them since they will be shredded anyway, or you could shred them and send them. To be efficient and cut down on shipping costs, you can wait until you have a collection, or even use a box to collect old plastic cards at work or school before you send them.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

And to top it all off, here’s a great reminder that just because you can’t use something for its original purpose, that doesn’t mean it is trash. Here are a few ways to recycle gift cards by making useful stuff out of them:

Repurposing rules! And if you have a gift card with a leftover balance, donate it to Plastic Pennies. Card balances are converted into donations for charities by participating retailers.

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