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How to Remagnetize Old Magnets Using Neodymium Magnets

how to remagnetize a credit card

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Using strong neodymium magnets, you can easily remagnetize your old magnets so they will hold strong once again. If you have some old type of magnets that are getting droopy and losing their magnetic appeal, don't despair and don't toss them out without trying to recharge them.

Things You'll Need

A strong neodymium magnet


Understand why magnets loose their magnetization.

Over time, older type magnets (not neodymium magnets) can loose their magnetization if they are:

  • stored incorrectly (without a ferromagnetic keeper that completes the magnetic circuit)
  • dropped
  • repelled by other magnets
  • Understand how magnets work.

    Good working magnets have two poles: a north pole and a south pole. These are on the ends of the magnet and where the magnet is the strongest. A magnetic bar is weakest in the middle of the bar.

    Poles are attracted to their opposites. So, remember that like magnetic poles repel, and unlike magnetic poles attract.

    Determine the strong magnet's poles.

    You will need to identify the north pole of the strong magnet. You can

    do this the following ways:

    use a magnet with the north and south poles marked (easiest method!)

    stack an even number of magnets together and place a string in the middle then let the stack of magnets dangle so that they are able to rotate freely. The north pole will point north. (This contradicts the rule about poles being attracted to their opposites, but it was named when poles were called north-seeking and south-seeking then the names were shortened to north and south.)

  • use a compass and the needle that usually points to the north will point to the south pole of the magnet
  • Remagnetize an old magnet.

    Get your old magnet and a strong magnetized magnet with the north and south poles marked. One side or end will be north and the other side or end will be south.

    Stroke or rub the strong neodymium magnet using the north pole along one side or end of the old magnet. Then rub the neodymium magnet along the other side or end of the old magnet using the south pole. This should remagnetize or recharge your magnet.

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