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Remove defaults from credit file and black mark’s from your credit history report.

how to remove a default from credit file

Defaults can be removed from your credit rating file under certain circumstances.

Nobody wants to find themselves in the unfortunate position of being unable to pay back, or defaulting on their loan, utilities or mobile phone bill.

Not only is there the personal issue of pride, there is the more practical concern of a loan default appearing on your credit report for possibly up to seven years.

This can seriously impact on the success of any future loan, credit card or mobile phone applications you make while the loan default still appears by your name.

And unfortunately it doesn’t matter how much the loan was for – whether it was $1000 or $100,000 a default is a default.

However it is possible in some cases to remove defaults from your credit report, getting you back on track towards a good credit standing and making your life easier in the long run.

Fix Bad Debt are leaders in credit repair and default removal, helping you get back your financial freedom.

We charge no upfront fees, no deposits, no admin fees to start and no progress fees. Zero fees until we can remove a default for you!

Don’t have your

credit file? As an authorised access seeker registered with Veda Advantage, Australia’s largest provider of credit reporting information, we can assess your credit report online . If we see loan defaults against your name we’ll work with you to try and remove them from your report.

If you do have your credit file, simply attach it using the online quote service for a free no obligation quote using the following link Credit Repair Quote .

It is important to note that not every credit default can be completely wiped from a person’s credit report, but in the past we have been able to reduce the time the default has appeared against a customer’s name. However we can very quickly advise you of repair chances after you send a copy of your credit file to us for a free credit repair quote

It is our commitment to excellent customer service that makes Fix Bad Debt the preferred default removal and credit repair agents in Australia.

Customers all across Australia have been able to remove loan defaults from their Veda credit file with the help of Fix Bad Debt. To find out more contact us on (02) 4984 1213 or email us

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