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how to remove an eviction from your credit

Oh my God. You guys are the best. I spoke with Mr. Ray and he stayed true to his word and got me approved for a new apartment in two weeks. Thanks you guys Rock. Taffy Green

Wow your company provides an awesome service. I paid for the silver package and you guys went to work. I had my doubts but when you added my last two years of rental history to my credit profile number, It immediately within 10 days showed a positive tradeline of rental history on my credit report. And my credit scores on my cpn number was over 600. And I was able to rent in less than 2 1/2 weeks. Thanks you guys. Joy Siebert

Who would have thought you could rent with a credit profile number. I got the silver package and was amazed as to how fast they added my past rental history to it, bumped up my credit scores. And I check myself. And to my surprised my scores was 655 in about 3 weeks..I will recommend your service to anyone who needs to rent again. Its worth the little bit of money spent. John Delaney

Thank you thank you thank you Lynne, I was super skeptical about your program and wasn't sure if I wanted to pay the money to start. But I had no where else to go and no one and I mean no one would rent to me with 3 evictions on my record. So taking a leap of faith, I'm glad I did. Now i'm renting in a nice neighborhood and a great apartment. Well Done you guys. I appreciate you. Donna Rivera

All I can say is awesome job and thank you for saving my family. A small investment in order to rent again. Was worth every dime spent. Thank you. Charlie Blackmond

Thanks Monica for talking me into taking your program. I honestly tried to talk myself out of paying for your services but couldn't see any other way of getting approved for a new place. So it was worth

it and money well spent on my new cpn number. Thanks again for helping me and my daughter. Sherise Miller

I had 4 evictions on my record and no one was willing to rent to me. Second Chance really helped me rent again. You guys got me approved in 1 week. I didn't believe it but you did your job and came through. Joshua Graves

Ray you are the man! you said trust you and I did. What a great decision I made in working with your company. Michael Askew

Felicia my husband and I want to thank you and second chance for getting us out of that weekly motel. Your service is exactly what everyone needs that has evictions and can no longer rent. What a wonderful program you have and thank you so very much for helping us. Roberta Matthews

Thank you Ray for the assist. I will refer some people to your company. Trying to rent with a eviction judgment on my credit report has caused me a great deal of stress. Now I'm renting and its all because of you. Thanks Jessie Owens

I just got evicted and could not rent with a brand new eviction on my record. But your company got me in a place in 2 weeks. Thank you Parker Lovett

When I first spoke with you guys, I thought you were a scam and I said its no way i'm paying you guys my money. But after exausting every avenue and paying application fee after application fee I realize I was running into a brick wall. So I took a chance and came back to you for help and I'm glad I did. If anyone is reading this. People this company is real and they provide real help. Thanks for helping me and my wife. Thomas Culverson

I was tired of renting a room because I couldn't rent. I found you guys, your program works and I'm happy in a new apartment in a nice area of town. Thank You Mary Aryllis

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