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How to Remove Credit Card Information From iTunes

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Keeping your payment method up to date in iTunes is essential if you use the iTunes Store to purchase content. Remove, add and edit cards using the Account Info section in iTunes 12.

Remove a Credit Card From iTunes

Step 1. Click the iTunes Store button located beneath the media player at the top of iTunes and then click the Sign In button.

You can also click the Sign In button and then the iTunes Store button. The order doesn't matter. (Image: Image courtesy of Apple)

Step 2. Sign in to your account using your Apple ID and associated password.

Click the "Forgot" link if you can't remember your ID or password. (Image: Image courtesy of Apple)

Step 3. Click the Account icon at the top of iTunes and select Account Info .

You may be prompted to enter your password again. (Image: Image courtesy of Apple)

Step 4. Click the Edit link located next to the credit card you want to remove.

You can also edit your Apple ID, billing address and geographical region on this page. (Image: Image courtesy of Apple)

Step 5. Select None on the list of payment types to remove the credit card.

iTunes (Apple) (Image: Image courtesy of Apple)

Step 6. Click the Done button at the bottom of the page to finish removing your credit card.

You may have to

scroll down to reveal the Done button. (Image: Image courtesy of Apple)

How to Add a Credit Card

To add a credit card for purchasing from the iTunes Store, use iTunes as well.

Step 1. Sign in to your account, if necessary. Click the Account icon at the top of iTunes and select Account Info .

Step 2: Click one of the credit card providers listed under the Please Select a Payment Method heading. Options include VISA, MasterCard and American Express.

You can also use iTunes gift cards to pay for content. (Image: Image courtesy of Apple)

Step 3: Enter your credit card details in the provided fields.

The security code is on the back of your credit card. (Image: Image courtesy of Apple)

Step 4: Enter the name and billing address associated with the card and then click the Done button to finish adding the card to iTunes.

The information you enter needs to match what's on file with your credit card company or the card won't be added to iTunes. (Image: Image courtesy of Apple)

If you're using iTunes on an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, you remove a credit card using the Settings app rather than iTunes itself. Tap the Settings icon on the Home screen, touch iTunes & App Store. tap your Apple ID and then tap View Apple ID on the pop-up dialog. Touch Payment Information. remove your credit card and then tap Done .

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