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How to remove negative credit score

how to remove negative credit score

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You should not dispute anything that is reporting correctly.

Depending on what you are looking at, you may be able to figure out the DOFD yourself. The date of first delinquency is the first date that you went bad (prob a 30 day late) after which you never recovered and got caught up again. The reporting clock (and usually SOL clock too) starts running from the DOFD. So if you have a report that shows your payment history, that's how you figure it out.

You can also count backwards from the removal date (on the reports that show one). The removal date should be 7-7.5 years from the DOFD. Sometimes, the CRAs will answer the question directly if you call them and ask for the "control" date.

The problem is that you're dealing with a bunch of companies

here, and they communicate with each other weirdly. So for instance, myFICO (along with other 3rd party re-sellers of your credit reports) mask some information that is highly relevant. Ostensibly for privacy purposes. So that's why folks are recommending that you get your reports directly from the CRAs. Those reports have a lot more information on them, including payment history.

If an account is reporting past 7.5 years from the DOFD, you can dispute as "obsolete" or "too old" or something along those lines. That's why people are asking about DOFD--it's an easy way off.

Can you tell us what is reporting incorrectly (if anything) about these accounts? Looks like the accounts are all paid and closed, right? I think you are limited to writing good will letters asking the creditors to remove the reporting out of the goodness of their hearts.

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