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How to renegotiate mortgage

Renegotiate your mortgage

It's official: the crisis is over (1995). By December 2010 banks will renegotiate Udis credits, which were given as part of "end point" of bad memory for those who stayed with his hands in the door, trapped in mortgages that became expensive.

A discount offer one of the capital for those who are aware of their payments. And that discount is available now. In Santander told me about a case of a credit crunch that started in 1999 with 486.000 udis, something like 1.2 million pesos. Now the same claim udis walks in 336.000. To the despair of the debtor, that means that the total debt and walks at 1.4 million pesos. So we should renegotiate, because if has been consistent in your payments, you can get a discount that would make the total debt of 789.000 pesos.

Besides the discount, the debtor will enter into a scheme of fixed and variable rate,

as was the case when the balance was linked to the vagaries of inflation.

The discount will be assumed by the government and the bank with credit. They say in the banks that they will begin to promote, for customers to go and enjoy the benefits. What do you think? Are they waiting for the World Cup is to make the ads? Or, as it will cost the bank, I trust who comes out? When in doubt, run to negotiate or spread the word.

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