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How To Repair Bad Credit

how to repair bad credit

Anyone with a few dings (or more) on their credit bureau report has asked the following question at least once:  how do I repair my bad credit?  While there isn’t a magic fix to bad credit, there are several steps that consumers can take to repair bad credit  bureau reports.  Working with a knowledgeable and legal credit repair  agency can put a consumer on the road to an improved credit score and lower interest rates.

A large majority of credit bureau reports contain mistakes; some mistakes are even quite serious.  If a consumer has a common name it is not unusual to find someone else’s account history on their credit bureau report.  Convincing the creditor that this debt is not associated with the right consumer can be very difficult.  Many creditors want consumers to disclose their social security number and provide other personal identifying information.  Working with a credit repair agent can ease the process and prevent the unneeded disclosure of sensitive information.

Another benefit of working with a credit repair agency is their

expertise with resolving credit bureau disputes.  There are many laws that are used to regulate how information is presented on your credit report.  Credit repair representatives are well-versed in these laws and can use this knowledge to your advantage.

Working with a credit repair agency to improve your credit score is only a portion of what can be done to repair bad credit.  As the consumer, you can also take certain steps to help raise your credit score.  The debt to available credit ratio is one of the main contributing factors to your overall score.  If you can keep all of your revolving credit accounts from being maxed, you can help improve your credit score.

Other factors in calculating a consumer’s FICO score are the type of credit (revolving, installment, etc), the length of the credit history and credit inquiries.  Working with a credit repair agency while maintaining a long credit history with appropriate credit utilization can lead to a greatlyimproved FICO score .

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