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Restore My Credit In Three Easy Steps

Restore My Credit

‘Restore My Credit’ is the catch cry around the nation at the moment. Many people have been negatively affected by the current economic downturn which in turn has affected their credit position.

Your credit standing affects so much of your financial life that you’ll want to implement these strategies to restore your credit and keep it in tip top condition.

#1 Way to Restore My Credit

Pay your bills on time. This simple practice accounts for the largest percent of your credit score. Late payments do a lot of damage to your credit, even if its late by only a day…..late is late as far as your creditors are concerned.

The quickest way to restore your credit is to start paying all your bills by their due date. If you do nothing else, this one simple step will ensure your credit score improves.

#2 Way to Restore My Credit

Only use up to half of the credit limit on your credit cards. Switch around amounts owing on each if you have to but try not to go over the 50% mark. Your debt-to-credit limit ratio accounts for another third of your credit score.


you happen to use more than half of your credit limit, you could try to ask your bank if they would increase your credit limit, thereby increasing the debt-to-credit limit ratio, but only do this if you can show absolute self control and not use the extra credit.

Getting these first two points under control takes care of over half the weighting of your credit score.

#3 Way to Restore My Credit.

Keep up to date with what’s on your credit report. Take advantage of the free yearly credit report you can get and check it over every year, Inaccuracies can occur in the processing of millions of pieces of credit information per day, so be sure that your credit report is free from any errors.

I have created a squidoo lens that talks about the things you need to know when looking over your credit report and what you need to do if you find any errors. You can take a look at it here How to Fix Credit Report

It is possible to ‘restore my credit’ by following the above strategies and come out of this economic downturn smelling like a rose instead of in a worse credit position.

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