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Who Should Run Credit Checks on Tenants?

Who Should Run Credit Checks on Tenants?

February 26, 2015 | Blog

Just how do you run credit checks on tenants? That might actually be the wrong question because a credit check is just one piece of what you need to know; you need also need background checks for tenants and applicants. Would you like to know if they are on a sex offender registry? Would you like to know whether they had been arrested before? Income history? How about promptness with past landlords.

A credit check tells you only whether they have paid their loans on time. But the truth is, if you are about to rent out something as valuable as a home or apartment unit, you need more certainty that you’ve found a good tenant.

It’s easy to do this piecemeal—run a credit check and then maybe a separate background check too. But it is too complicated and too difficult to do well and efficiently on your own. That’s why we are here.

How to Run a Credit Check for Tenants

ATS handles all of this as one package. With us, you can easily run a tenant credit check, multi-state criminal

check, sex offender check, and wants/warrants check with our popular Prime Package. Order the Prime Package here.  Just as you are super efficient as a landlord we are pros at getting the right information quickly, accurately and affordably.

This might sound familiar to you as an entrepreneur: concentrate on what you love to do and on your strengths. If doing background checks and credit checks is how you want to spend your time, you can do it. But most of our landlord clients are already wearing many hats, from landlord/tenant relations to overseeing building maintenance to plotting their next acquisitions.

The more you can concentrate on what you are really good at—wooing renters or developers or decorating apartments or whatever it is—the healthier your business will be. The other issue you face is how good are the people who do the tasks you want to delegate? Those two factors will determine your happiness and success in business.

For background checks for tenants, check us out. We know we can free up your time at a fraction of the cost you face doing this on your own. We bring our experience to bear to provide a reliable and comprehensive service.

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