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how to sell benefits

One of the best classes I ever attended was when I worked at Pulvermedia and Jason Chudnofsky taught his famous class on understanding selling and marketing. The core message: sell benefits, not features. Yes, there are many people who’ve given similar advice, but I was there watching Jason, a very successful businessman, and he was making eye contact with us and sharing his personal experiences with this. You can credit who else you like in the comments, but to me, this was Jason’s message.

Sell Benefits

In rebuilding the front page of Kitchen Table Companies. we heeded the advice of Derek Halpern. who sat in on an interview similar to the ones we give our members inside of Kitchen Table Companies. We also listened to people like Arthur Germain. Carrie Wilkerson. Margie Clayman. Susan Giurleo. and more.

Taglines and Headlines

We wanted to put the biggest possible benefit up front: “your small business advisory board.” Small business professionals often feel a bit isolated and out of ideas. They often have something they’d like to run by other professionals to get an opinion. So we wanted that concept up front.

We reinforced that message with these four points:

Remove Barriers

The other thing to think about when selling is to remove barriers to purchasing. The team came up with this:

By starting with a $0 price point (for the very basic area of the forums), people can get into the system, get our weekly tips emails, hear what upcoming interviews and instructional tutorials are up and coming, etc. So instead of forcing a buy right off the

bat, we remove a barrier by saying that people can come in and peek around.

SEO In Mind

We wanted a very colorful design that fits our “old timey vintage” aesthetic. Josh Fisher. our creative director, gave us some great graphics, but as you well know, Google can’t see graphics, so we made all kinds of plain text that explains the offer, plus makes search a possible lead generator for our product.

At the End Of It, Value and Benefits

It doesn’t matter what we tell you we’re selling. It matters if it’s working for you. We’ve started collecting Success Stories. plus featuring specific Kitchen Table Companies on our weekly show, Kitchen Table Talks on The Pulse Network. That way, people can get a hint of what we’re delivering inside, and they can hear from our successful members who feel like they are getting a value for what they’ve paid for.

We’re Learning

We ask our members what they need and want every day. It’s a fairly steady thrumming from Joe Sorge’s weekly emails, from forum topics, from our very DNA. We want to help, and we ask what we can do to participate.

My next worry is the onboarding. Once we’ve convinced someone to buy, is it really easy to know how newcomers should interact. But I’m going to observe how well we did or didn’t do with this new front end launch. I’m going to see whether our advice and the lessons of Jason Chudnofsky will give us more opportunity to serve others at Kitchen Table Companies .

How about you? How does your site sell benefits?

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