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How to sell fixed annuities

how to sell fixed annuities

How to Sell Annuity Income

Rachel has decided to sell annuity income. After all, she doesn’t need the extra income right now – in fact, she’s doing well financially and is even maxing out her retirement contributions. Rachel even eliminated all her credit card and mortgage debt. All that is hanging over her head is medical debt from an unexpected surgery not covered by her health insurance. By selling a portion of her annuity payments, Rachel will be able to pay off her medical bills and position herself for a strong, debt-free retirement. Where should Rachel start? How will she sell annuity income?

After a quick Internet search, Rachel finds out that the first step she needs to take to sell annuity payments is to gather quotes from financial settlement firms. Before deciding on which firms to contact, she does some research to find the top rated and most respected companies, according to an independent rating firm. After deciding

on the three most highly rated companies, Rachel contacts them and starts the quote gathering process.

Rachel decides to sell 72 months worth of payments. That amount will easily pay off her medical bills, with a few dollars left over. And after six years, Rachel’s annuity income will begin again – just in time for retirement. Learning how easy the process is makes Rachel sure that she made the right decision to sell annuity payments.

Rachel chooses one of the quotes, fills out the paperwork and sits back to wait for a check. Once it arrives, she quickly pays off the medical bills and splits the rest between her savings account and a trip across country to visit her daughter. All this from a couple hours of research! She’s glad she chose to sell annuity payments.

Are you wondering how you can sell annuity payments? Call today at 1-800-994-3023 to learn how. Start the process right away!

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