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How to send credit etisalat

how to send credit etisalat

Things You'll Need

The other person's cell phone number

Transfer Credit With a Daily Limit

Type the transfer command directly into your cell phone screen. The command should contain the credit transfer service code, 100, the cell phone number to which you'll send the transfer and the amount of money. So, if you want to send 50 AED to the cell phone number 050 987 6543, type in 100 0509876543*50#

Press the "Send," "Call" or "OK" key, depending on your cell phone's keypad.

Wait for a confirmation message. Check that its details are correct. Press "1" to confirm the transfer or "2" to cancel it.

Secure Credit Transfer

Open a new SMS message and type in "CTPIN." Send this to 1010, and wait for a message giving you your PIN. You need this number before you can use the secure service to transfer credit.

Type the credit transfer instruction into your cell phone. You must include the service code -- 100 -- the number of the cell phone to which you'll make the transfer, the amount

of money and your PIN. For example, to send 80 AED to 050 987 6543 with a PIN of 1234, you would type in 100 050987654380 1234#

Press the "OK," "Call" or "Send" button and wait for a message confirming the details of the transfer. If you want to go ahead, press "1." If you change your mind or have made a mistake and need to start over, press "2."

International Credit Transfer

Open a new SMS message. Type in the number to which you want to transfer credit. Make sure the number is in the international format -- it should start with a "+," followed by the two-digit country code and then the cell phone number without the first zero.

Send the SMS to 1700 and wait for a message telling you how to proceed. You should also receive a message from the recipient's service operator outlining the transfer options available to you.

Follow the instructions and press the relevant number, 1 through 5, to choose the amount you want to send. Wait for a confirmation message.

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