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How does Credit Transfer work?

This service allows you to send PAYG mobile phone credit to:

• PAYG phones on a growing list of mobile networks around the world ( click here to see that list)

• Any Delight Mobile number in the UK and around the world

• Any Vectone Mobile number in the UK and around the world

• Any Chillitalk number (the unique 11-digit Account Access Code displayed in My Account on the Chillitalk website)

You can transfer your available credit by simply sending a message from your own mobile by using your My Delight online, or by calling our helpline from any phone. More details on how to use Credit Transfer can be found here.

How do I buy credit?

There are several easy ways to Top Up. You can top up your credit right now on this website, by text message, by calling our Customer Services team, or when you buy Delight Mobile multi-functional vouchers at many local shops and stores.

How do I know whether my recipient’s mobile number is on a supported network?

If you try to send credit to a mobile number that is on a network that Credit Transfer cannot currently work with, we will send you a message to inform you that the transfer was not possible this time and your credit will be safely allocated back to your account.

Can I transfer

credit to a contract mobile?

No, you can only transfer credit to a Pay As You Go (PAYG) mobile number. If you transfer to a Pay Monthly contract mobile number, we will message you to say the transaction failed and your credit will be safely allocated back to your account.

How will the recipient be notified of the transfer?

Your recipient will receive a text message telling them how much credit has been transferred to their phone.

What is the exchange rate used?

During the top-up transfer process we will give you the best value exchange rates we can. These will vary depending on your recipient’s mobile operator and the country in which it operates.

Is there a maximum amount or number of transfers that I am allowed in one day?

The minimum and maximum amount that can be transferred in any single transaction depends upon the mobile operator your recipient uses. The maximum number of transfers that can be made in one day is unlimited.

How long does it take to transfer the credit?

Selecting the transfer amount and the recipient’s mobile number only takes a minute or two, but the transfer itself is almost instant. The transfer may take a few minutes if mobile networks are busy.

What are the error messages I see if the transfer fails?

Can I see all of the transfers I’ve made in the past?

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