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How to send optus credit to another phone

how to send optus credit to another phone

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Broken internet service and bad customer service

There is an Optus tower down in my area. Optus staff (in store and via phone) have blamed Telstra. Optus staff say that they can't fix it because Telstra won't allow Optus on the land to repair the tower.

I am without secure internet as it more than often, drops out of service availability, others I know cannot make phone calls and others are losing BIG business as a result of this issue.

I phoned Optus today to try desperately to get answers as to when it will be repaired, and I believe that, due to my expressions of sincere frustrations, that the Optus call center staff hung up on me.

We need to get this tower repaired.

It is an

urgent issue and all the excuses are offensive.

We are all paying for a service that we cannot use.

We are all losing in one way or another - work, business, study, homework or the ability to make phone calls!

This is appalling.

The tower which is apparently damaged and needing (urgent) repairs is located in Coramba, NSW.

Optus staff have told me that they have no power over Telstra and that it may end up having to go to court!!

I have been told that the Telstra manager for this concern is unreachable when the Optus team have endeavored to contact him.


I am not happy and I do not know what to do. it has been over 3 weeks!

From an unhappy online full time university student :(

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