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How to share credit celcom

how to share credit celcom

can you make money from sharing topup prepaid kredit for Maxis Hotlink

In one of my recent posts I did make a slight comparison between Maxis Hotlink and Celcom Blue from Maxis Malaysia Communications and Celcom (Malaysia)Berhad respectively. If I am not mistaken, Maxis was the pioneer that introduced this topup sharing service. This added feature allows you to share your Maxis Hotlink credit with any other Hotlink numbers. Today we will discuss the benefits of sharing our own credit with other users and how it can be used to our advantage in pursuing our objective to make money online with Mymode Network. If we know how to utilize this perfectly, you will not be losing anything and in fact, you will earn more. I am going to emphasize on two words and they are "volume" and "misconception". Volume is in term of sales and profit accumulated and misconception is in term of how we Malaysians perceive the value or the worth of money.

When you share your Maxis Hotlink credit with others, fifty cents will be deducted from your account provided your account should have at least RM5 worth of airtime. Of course, what does 50 cents mean when your loved ones smiled in relief after worrying about not having adequate airtime left. This is a common situation where people start to sharing the credit to avoid unnecessary events such as in emergency cases where you need to call someone for help. At least the person who received it will have enough credit remained until it is time to 'actually' reload the phone on his or her own. That person also will have ample time to withdraw some money from the bank (if at the time they begged from you they did not have any cash) and then return the favor back to you. Maxis has geniously thought about this and just imagine how valuable 50 cents are to Maxis when for example 1000 people share their credits in one day. That is 500 bucks and let say that everyday this "sharing is caring" event happen for the whole 30 days, Maxis will get back RM15,000 profit from there. In a year, RM182,500 will be collected assuming the same figure of a thousand people share their credit balance everyday. Now if we change that figure to 5000 people a day out of at least one million Maxis users, imagine how much Maxis can make in a year simply from introducing this value-added service to the Hotlink plan.

I am presenting you this calculation for one main reason; volume of sales versus price tag. As I mentioned just before I made the example, 50 cents mean nothing to you and I assume you were virtually nodding your head when I said that. However, once you saw the calculation made, you will immediately realize that every single cent is a profit to Maxis.You felt nothing when you share your Maxis hotlink credit balance. Most people ignore this one fact. Most people walked away when they saw a dime or even a 50 cent coin lying on the pedestrian path at KLCC but ironically, they would endeavor to run towards a RM50 note sticking on the floor. Some would even risk their own lives to grab it. Tell me my fellow readers, how many times in a day you stumbled on a 50 dollars note? All right, maybe that was too easy to get a "no" answer from you guys. How about in a week? A month? I can only see two or three guys out there who are lucky enough to accidently found a RM50 note. Even if the note is torn they will still take it. Now let me tell you this straight to your face; the possibility is incredibly higher to find coins on the street. If you walk in the city for at least two kilometres, I can assure you that you will be able to collect at least RM5 or who knows, maybe up to RM10. Now what if you walk for about 10km in a day making a tour in the city? I bet you can finish the tour in less than two or three hours and if you made the tour just after lunch hour, you will be able to collect at least RM30. There is also a slight chance for you to get up to RM50. Yeah, they are coins but they are still money. You get the exercise you need for your body and you also get the reward. If you are creative enough, maybe you can also pick up some used aluminium soft drink cans and later sell them for few bucks.

Unfortunately you may not be able to follow that advise as you prefer to work in an air-conditioned office from 9 to 5 and along your way back home you wish you stumble on a RM50 note. You can stick to that fantasy while our friend apek takes all his time loitering around the city and before midnight he comes back home with a lot of money. He knows the value of "volume". He knows for fact that if he can collect 100 of 50 cents coins he can get RM50. If he is using Maxis Hotlink prepaid plan. then I am pretty sure he knows that he will lose 50 cents each time he wants to share his Maxis Hotlink credit with someone else. I am declaring that this "apek" is smarter than almost everyone else and that included us. I was stunned at one time when someone called me few days ago asking me about the benefits of joining Mymode. I told him that whenever he sell one Maxis prepaid card worth RM30, he will get retail profit of 45 cents. I had even told him that if he managed to expand his network, he can get even more profit. He said that how can anyone join Mymode under his wings if the profit is so low? I couldn't reply him back as I regretted talking to him. I could not take it the moment someone shows his true color that he is a very lazy person. To me, if you can not accept 45 cents as a profit, then

you are a loser. How can you make a million when you could not even make less than a dollar?

Talking about being lazy, I do not mind if you are a lazy person but at the same time you are good at making money. I am a lazy person myself. I seldomly washed my own dishes at home and most of the time I leave it to my wife when it comes to cleaning the house. What I am trying to say is it is not wrong to be a lazy person. As long as you know how to make money for living. As long as you know how to justify what makes money and what not, then you can always be lazy for the rest of your life. As long as you know that sharing your Maxis Hotlink credit balance ten times would make you lose RM5 and then you know how to earn them back, it is completely fine with me. My point here is we have chosen the wrong perception about money and its value. We are under the impression that a dollar comes first before a cent. We heard it everywhere people said that money does not grow on trees. Do we actually take that as the truth? No. We chose to believe that money DOES grow on trees. We love the fantasy of picking ripe money from trees. We love to have a full garden of money trees in our own lawn so we can have a nice luxurious picnic.

Up to this point, if you have started to change the way your mind is thinking, then I can proceed on how you can make money from Mymode and how we can relate the added feature in Maxis Hotlink plan with Mymode. We know by now that sharing your Hotlink credit balance will cost you 50 cents per transfer and by topping up your airtime this way will not extend the expiry date. Now what if you have the opportunity to only lose one cent instead of 50 cents? When you have joined Mymode, the only think that you must take care is your Mymode account (now we call the account as MyEcash). There is no minimum amount that you have to reimburse into the account each month but RM30 or RM60 is ideal enough as a new user. In short, you can just reimburse the account every month parallel to how much you spend now to reload your mobile prepaid phone each month. Whenever you almost run out of credit, you can just send an SMS instruction to any of Mymode gateway numbers and less than 30 seconds you should get the usual SMS notification saying that your phone has been reloaded. Tada! Now what I mean by only losing one cent is when you activate your Maxis Activ10 and you register any of Mymode gateway numbers. So when you send the instruction to the gateway, it only cost you a cent. An optimistic view of that situation is so obvious that you have just saved 49 cents! Isn't that cool?

Think outside of the box. Imagine that the 1000 people who shared their Maxis Hotlink credit balance had joined Mymode under your wings. Each one of them topup their airtime RM30. Now the whole group has managed to save RM490 instead of losing RM500 just like that! Apart from that, you as the leader will earn a lot more from Mymode because each one of them had purchased RM30 topup codes. Let's take a look into how much money you can make from these 1000 people. To make the calculation a bit easier, we just assume that they are all just normal Mymode agents and you have become Chief Mobile in Mymode since you already have more than eight downlines. A normal agent will earn 50% from total Point Value (PV). PV for selling Maxis prepaid card is 3 percent from the retail price, and as in our case here the prepaid card is worth RM30. So 50%X3%X30= 45 cents. You though will earn 10% more from total PV, so if you purchase reload RM30 for your own use, you will get 54 cents. If your downline purchased it, you will get the remaining balance, and that equals to 9 cents. So 1000 times 9 cents is equal to RM90. Is that enough for you? No. All right, let's increase it (lol).

Each time you register a downline, Mymode will reward you with RM10 in your MyEcash account. After the sixth downline you brought in, you will be given an option to upgrade yourself to MobilePreneur (MP). You have to pay RM30 though to get this title, however in return you will get an extra commission of RM8 when you register the next person. In other words, you will get RM18 for registering the seventh person and so on. Again, assuming all these 1000 people are your direct downline, the total amount of incentives you will receive is :

First six downlines - you will get total of RM60.

You upgraded yourself to a MobilePreneur - you pay RM30.

Next person you register - RM18.

Total person you register - 1000 minus 6 equals to 994 people. You will get RM17,892.

Your net profit from registering downlines is RM17,922.

Conclusion? Yeah! You manage to bring home a total of RM18,012! So this is how you can actually save and earn with Mymode. Keep in mind though that I am not advising you to stop sharing your Maxis credit. If you want to do it, please ensure you know the consequences. If I were you, I will think twice about doing it. I know for fact that I can save and at the same time I can make some money if I take advantage of the situation with the right way. Trust me, you will earn much more in the real situation since we have positioning system that will optimize your profit and at the same time helps those who have just started doing Mymode. Of course, no one starts as a hero. We all start from zero. I hope one day we can all be Mymode heroes. ;-)

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