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This is the message that I sent via Linked In Inmail to an investigator with the FCC in Florida about 10 minutes ago - thanks to "revenge ?" above:

Hi Mr. XX,

I came across your LinkedIn profile today, and wanted to ask for your help. Recently, I've been getting multiple robocalls per day advertising credit for my small businesses. The calls arrive to my cell phone, which is on the Do Not Call list. Upon doing some research, I was able to identify the company behind the calls (located in Florida), as well as approximately 100 others reporting the same type of call online:

One person on the same forum identified the company behind the calls as noted below. I called myself and spoke to Kevin McDermott this afternoon. I pretended to be

interested in a loan for my business, and during the conversation, asked if he knew how his company was getting such 'great' automated calls out, and that I thought my business could benefit from the same. He acknowledged that his company is doing this, and said he'd ask the Vice President for the name of the company they are using. At that time, I informed him that I was actually not interested in a loan, and that I was calling to complain about the illegal and harassing phone calls. He sarcastically asked "if I needed a hug" and called me a "big baby" before laughing and hanging up. Clearly, this outfit is in need of a enforcement action by the FCC.

I'd be happy to provide my cell records showing the incoming calls from these folks.

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