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How to sue a creditor

how to sue a creditor

ISBN-13: 978-0-9789997-7-3

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Allen Harkleroad has written several books including the consumer book titled "Stick It To Sue Happy Debt Collectors ", a guide on defending yourself against debt collector lawsuits in court and winning.

Allen has been repeatedly referred to as the "Most Dangerous Consumer in America " by many people. There is a reason why, just ask any bad company or abusive debt collector that has the unfortunate experience of dealing with Mr. Harkleroad.

Allen Harkleroad is not an attorney, however he has battled dozens of bad debt collectors, debt collection companies and debt collection lawsuits. He has successfully sued several of them wants to share the knowledge with you.

"Allen, I loved your book read it twice, it’s a simple way to explain things to people who are very confused on what to do and what to look for as these debt collectors ravage them for money.

Anyone can understand their rights, as you fully explain the so many facets of the debt collection business and how normal, average peole can defend themselves from so many ruthless attacks that

violate federal law.

Even when all this started for me 2 yrs ago I had hide nor hair what my rights are, your 1st book was inspirational and great, this 2nd one is even better. Thank you for all the time you invested for we the people.

I wish everyone whom is going through a debt collection process could know about your books---I for one will tell everyone about them, this is priceless info. Again Allen, thank you. "

Ralph J. QUOTE "Allen Harkleroad may just be the most dangerous consumer in America for companies that treat people unfairly. He has a long and distinguished history of sticking it to those who have treated him and others unfairly, be it through his famous or infamous depending on whether your company has been targeted "" sites or his experiences in battling some of the largest debt collectors on the planet. The only thing more surprising than the list of huge opponents he has taken on are the results he consistently achieves with nothing other than hard work and a passion for standing up for what he believes in."

Chris Gleason Esq. Consumer Protection Attorney

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