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How to sue countrywide home loans

how to sue countrywide home loans

Things You'll Need

Find Your Attorney

Research attorneys in your local area. The best place to begin is in your local yellow pages. Collect their contact information, and begin the interviewing process.

Contact each attorney's office and ask questions about that attorney. Ask questions about how many cases he has personal handled, how many he has won and if he is participating in any class action lawsuits.

Get information about each attorney's fees. Discuss the cost of retaining the attorney and whether or not he would take your case for a pro bono (free) fee contingent upon winning the case. Based on the answers, select your top five attorneys.

Call your top five selections back and make an appointment to speak with each of them for a free consultation. Find an attorney with whom you can work and communicate, and who understands the legalities of your case and your questions. Once you have found the attorney best matched to you, put him on retainer.

Instruct your attorney to begin doing research into a class action lawsuit against Countrywide Home Loans. Chances are you are not the only individual who has a case that could be proven in a court of law. Class action lawsuits will oftentimes involve the federal banking industry, which can give you a better chance at success. Once your attorney has gotten enough information to

file suit, it's time to begin.

Begin the Process

Go to the courthouse with your attorney to file the motion for a class action lawsuit against Countrywide Home Loans. If there are individuals who have contacted you already who are willing to participate, have them come with you as well. Your attorney will file a motion on your behalf to talk to a judge about your case in more detail.

Be prepared for a long process. Countrywide has a small army of lawyers ready to attack any potential lawsuit being filed. Once it have been served, Countrywide will attempt to stall the process as long as possible in order to discourage you and others from participating in the lawsuit.

Have your attorney's office contact the state attorney general or federal attorney general with the details of your case. The attorney general's office can then forward that information to the federal banking legislation division. Once they have been made aware of your case they might be able to assist in getting Countrywide Home Loans into the courtroom.

Keep in regular contact with your attorney about court dates and cases. It is not uncommon for lawsuits such as these to take years to reach conclusion, so don't expect it to be an overnight process. Due diligence will work in this case and will be your best asset in winning the lawsuit.

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