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how to understand your credit score

How do I read my CIR?

A CIR has detailed information on the credit you have availed, such as home loan, automobile loan, credit card, personal loan, overdraft facilities. You can download the Understand Your CIR document here for your ready reference. You can also watch a tutorial which will explain the various details of CIR. Below are the key sections of the CIR

  • CIBIL TransUnion Score

Your current credit score, calculated based on your credit behavior as reflected in the ‘Accounts’ and ‘Enquiries’ section of your CIR, ranges between 300-900. A score above 700 is generally considered good.

  • Personal information

    Contains your name, date of birth, gender and identification numbers such as PAN, passport number, voter’s number

  • Contact Information

    Address and telephone numbers are provided in this section, up to 4 addresses are present

  • Employment Information

    Monthly or annual income details as reported by the Members (Banks and Financial institutions).

  • Account information

    This section contains the details of your credit facilities including name of lenders, type of credit facilities (home, auto, personal, overdraft, etc.), account numbers, ownership details, date opened, date of last payment, loan amount, current balance and a month on month record (of up to 3 years) of your payments.

  • Enquiry Information

    Every time you apply for a loan or credit card, the respective Bank or financial institution accesses your CIR. The system makes a note of this in your credit history and the same is referred as “Enquiries”

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