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How to Pick a Locked Door Knob

how to use a credit card to open a door

A locked door knob and a lost key are the makings of a frustrating day. Picking a locked door knob is a skill many a thief has perfected and so can you depending on the type and age of the knob. The article that follows will show you how to pick a variety of door knobs in a variety of ways.

Step 1: Push Button Door Knob

This type of door knob is very common and is usually found on interior doors, especially bathroom doors. The interior door knob will have a push button that will lock the door. The exterior door knob with either be completely smooth or have a small round hole in its center. If the door knob has a small hole, you can pick it by sliding the hairpin into the hole. Maneuver the hairpin around until you feel it catch a recess and then push. This will unlock the door knob.

The type of

door knob without a visible hole in the center opens just as easily, you just have to know where the hole is hidden. Look closely at the stem of the door knob. On either side will be a very small hole. Push the hairpin into this hole and push down to unlock the door knob.

Step 2 - Turning Door Knob Lock

This type of door knob is also common as an interior door. It works according to the same premise as the push button door knob lock. There will still be a hole in the center of the door knob. Very rarely are they hidden as they are meant to be unlocked with a key. Insert the hairpin into the door knob hole and you will feel resistance. At this point you need to turn the hairpin in the same direction as the key is turned to unlock the door knob.

Step 3 - Traditional Door Knob Lock

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