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How To Use A Credit Card Machine

how to use credit card machine

Have you noticed a numbered keypad at stores and wondered how to use a credit card machine? These little machines are found everywhere, so eventually you will need to learn how to use a credit card machine. The process is not difficult and you can learn the steps needed to perform any transaction like a pro.

To learn how to use a credit card machine, you will need:

  • Credit or Debit card with PIN
  • Business that uses credit card machines
  1. Select Your Card – Choose the type of you are using – credit or debit, then press the button underneath the word that reflects your choice. Entering the kind of card you are using for this transaction is the beginning of learning how to use a credit card machine.
  2. Wait for it – Pause for a moment until you receive acknowledgement to continue. The cashier or machine may say or display a phrase similar to “swipe card now” as the initial stage of performing how to use a credit card machine.
  3. Validate or Enter – You may need to enter manually or confirm the dollar

    amount you want to post to your card. Make sure you press the OK or Enter button to confirm your selection. Having the correct amount assigned to your card is an important component of learning how to use a credit card machine.

  4. Put a PIN in it – Enter your Personal Identification Number (PIN) that belongs to the card you are using. Press the Enter or OK button to start the verification process on your quest of performing how to use a credit card machine.
  5. Complete the Transaction – Wait for the machine to display an approved or denial message, followed by a printed receipt. This is the last step of completing the task of how to use a credit card machine. Congratulations!

Note: All credit card machines are made and perform slightly different; therefore all steps may not apply to all devices.

Tip: Many machines have color-coded the Enter, Stop and Clear buttons

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