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Why Should I Use PayPal on eBay?

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Why Should I Use PayPal on eBay?

Whether you're a buyer or a seller, PayPal is preferred on eBay. PayPal is also the only online payment solution that is fully-integrated with eBay, providing greater benefits and ease of use to both buyers and sellers: Buyers can easily pay using the PayPal Pay Now button in a closed eBay View Item page, End of Auction email, or My eBay. Sellers can select PayPal on the eBay Sell Your Item form or any eBay listing tool, and the PayPal logo will automatically appear on the View Item Page.

Why buyers prefer PayPal on eBay:
  • PayPal is always free to use for buyers. Plus, setting up an account is simple, sign up for a PayPal account
  • Faster than sending money orders or checks in the mail, no standing in line at the bank or post office
  • Buyers can choose to fund payments with a credit card, bank account, or other source
  • PayPal keeps financial information private. When a buyer pays using PayPal, the seller never sees

    the credit card or bank account numbers

  • Why sellers prefer PayPal on eBay:
    • PayPal is the cost-effective way for eBay sellers to accept credit card, debit card, and bank account payments
    • Sellers only pay low transaction fees when they receive payments for eBay items. No monthly fees, set up fees, or gateway fees
    • Payments are deposited to the seller's PayPal account – no waiting for checks to clear and no trips to the bank
    • Sellers can easily transfer money between their PayPal account and their checking or savings accounts
    • PayPal provides advanced reporting tools that help eBay sellers to effectively measure and manage their business with ease
    • PayPal's dedicated chargeback team fights chargebacks on a seller's behalf. In addition, on qualifying transactions. PayPal's Seller Protection Policy shields sellers from liability that they may be exposed to otherwise
    • PayPal's highly-experienced fraud prevention team helps to keep fraud out of the PayPal network
    • Most buyers look for PayPal on eBay listings

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