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How Reliable is Credit Karma Score?

how accurate is credit karma

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How Reliable is Credit Karma Score?


I'm wondering how reliable Credit Karma's score is? I subscribed to Discover's Credit Score Tracker, and it was completely bogus -- almost a hundred points off. I know Credit Karma pulls directly from TU, I just don't know how accurate it is.

From my experience. not very reliable. In my case, the offical TransUnion FICO is usually around 20 points higher than the CK FAKO. With most people, I've heard their CK score is usually higher than the real FICO. I will say that when my CK score moves in one direction, the real FICO score tends to move in the same direction, but that's just me. My accounts are still pretty new, so my score is probably more volatile than the average person's score.

Credit Karma is a useful tool, has good advice, and can definitely help one make good decisions, but if you are counting on a loan or plan on applying for a card, it's recommended you get the real score; because many people who count on Credit Karma get surprised when they are denied.

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