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How to win a credit card lawsuit

how to win a credit card lawsuit

How can I win my credit card lawsuit?

Posted by Paul Paquin on February 27, 2013

Do not frantically panic because there are millions of other people in the United States that have also received credit card lawsuits in the last two years.  You are not alone and you can be helped.


Bankruptcy could be a route for you to consider, that would most likely address your lawsuit.  However, there are better options if you qualify, to consider first.

Debt Settlement

Debt settlement could be a better choice for you to consider, where if it is not too late, your l awsuit could even be resolved on this type of program.

Go to Court on Your Own

Then of course, you also have the option to go to court on your own, and plead your case to the judge.  The judge will most likely have sympathy for you, but don’t go into court unprepared.

Before going to court, ensure to have the following:

  • All of your paperwork.  Do not throw anything out that you receive including the lawsuit, collection letters and all documentation received that is relevant to your case.
  • Using excel, perform a detailed budget analysis of your finances.  Show your net income, and include all of your expenses.  That includes groceries, utilities, medicine, rent, insurance, car payments, etc…  Then print out the excel sheet and bring it with you to court.  If you have the details available regarding your budget, and can show the judge that there is no money at the end of the month left, to pay anyone else, the judge will consider that.  The judge will then most likely work a payment arrangement out for you, which is feasible, where you can pay your debt back over a period of time.
  • Explain your hardship in detail to the judge.   Write it out, so you can hand the paper to the judge for him or

    her to review, as you also verbally go over your situation.

  • The downside with going to court on your own, over joining on a debt settlement plan, is that you will most likely pay all, or most of your debt back, but at feasible payments.  With debt settlement, you will most likely pay back a reduced amount.

Winning Credit Card Lawsuits

The reason these creditor lawsuits are being so widely distributed to credit card holders is because they are being mass produced by a computer like system, which makes it cheap and easy to sue a person.

The problem created from this type of system, is that more errors arise.  These lawsuits are not being reviewed properly, where an enormous amount of mistakes occur.

According to an article that was recently published on the NY Times Website. “I would say that roughly 90 percent of the credit card lawsuits are flawed and can’t prove the person owes the debt, ‘said Brooklyn civil court judge Noach Dear.’”

What does this all mean?

This opens up a great opportunity for consumers to beat and win their case regarding a credit card lawsuit.

If this type of case is handled properly, it should get dismissed.   A credit card lawyer is qualified to find the mistakes that exist in these inaccurate lawsuits.

Golden Financial Services partners with the top debt settlement lawyers in the United States, and these attorneys deal with this type of issue every single day.

Consultations are absolutely free and we can at least provide you with some advice in regard to your lawsuit.  Simply call 866-376-9846 and we will provide you with a free consultation.  At that point, if we believe that our partner attorneys can handle your case, then we can go over the next set of steps.

Before calling, continue reading and educating yourself on this website.

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