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How to win imvu credits

how to win imvu credits

Free imvu credits, lindens and peds!

Win IMVU credits, SECOND LIFE Lindens or ENTROPIA Ped´s, there are a great site to win Meta credits

for it, every day.

Welcome to the place to learn how you gain more and more resources to play in your selected Virtual Community GAME at the net.

This is not a scam, joke or hack, MetaRL It’s free and requires no personal information.

You only need registrate with the links below (free), get the password they send to your email, THEY ONLY SEND IT IN YOUR EMAIL. so put a real email account and take a closer look there.

Now earn loads of ENTROPIA Ped´s, IMVU credits or SECOND LIFE Lindens. Easy, right ?


To get IMVU credits:

To get ENTROPIA Ped´s:

To get SECOND LIFE Lindens Dollars:




Task examples for IMVU users:

a.- Try modify your imvu page look. there are lots of great styles! Looks complex. come on and try :=)

b.- Try modify your imvu page profile, its easy and fast! Looks complex. just click edit tab at your imvu profile and copy paste at custom html.


Task examples for SECOND LIFE users:

a.- Have a account, and be willing to edit your Web Profile tab? Edit it for some quick metaPoints.

b.- Own land in SecondLife? Want to gain more referrals and get megapoints?


Task examples for ALL users:

a.- Do you drink Pepsi or DrPepper products? Submit as many Pepsi or DrPepper Codes as you have.

b.- Do you have a Profile? Edit your profile with one of our Myspace Layout Designs.

c.- Do a testimonial video (have a video or web cam) telling about MetaRL 30 seconds (BUT PLEASE BE ORIGINAL, DON´T COPY IDEAS ) that mean up to 1000 MegaPoints for you !

d.- Create a blog that promotes MetaRL and your referral links. That mean up to 300 MegaPoints for you, come on Registrate and doit now!

Earn referrals and get paid to do it and earn more for your Virtual Community GAME PLAY !


can see more Tasks options to win MetaPoints every day inside the site


Free Offers & Surveys for ALL users:

a.- Do Free Offers & Surveys. to get a lot of Metapoints. They have lots of surveys for every country this mean more MetaPoints for you.

By the while, looks an New Survey in Free Offers and go for it NOW!

“Microsoft has launched a new service called Microsoft Office Live Workshop. You can store all of your files on their servers for free. They are willing to offer 250 metaPoints to any US resident who signs up to their site.”


Want to know a bit more?

Every Task or Survey or Free Oferrs you do, mean win MetaPoints. Take a look at the equivalences below:

100 MetaPoints = 100 imvu credits

100 MetaPoints = 25 Lindens Dollars

100 MetaPoints = 1PED / 100 PEC

You will earn lots of MetaPoints, then you have just transfer it to your Game play account, easy. It´s right.


Referral Info issues

When you refer someone you get 50 point when she/he activate his account and completed an offer, you get 30% of the MetaPoints she/he earn when he complete offers. She/he refer someone too. rigth, you get 20% of her/his second level referals MetaPoints.


Contests weekly and everyday

(metapoints, metapoints, metapoints !)

Free Daily Raffle: Make sure to enter this free raffle everyday for a chance to win 100 MetaPoints!

MeTaView Weekly: Do you have what it takes to get the most metaViews? Show your friends your unique metaView URL and you may be the next metaView winner, up to 1000 MetaPoints !

Referals Contest W eekly : Are you good at gaining refferals? See how good you really are in our Weekly Referral Contest. Prizes up to 10,000 mPs!

IMVU Users Only Daily : Wish someone would actually buy something from your wishlist. Your in luck, MetaRL will grant that wish with the Daily IMVU WishList Giveaway!


You can save up your points (I did) for the following:

Your IMVU Avatar Name

IMVU name change token

BUY IMVU VIP membership one month

Or get free $10 giftcards for the following:

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