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How do I write a "Demand the Note" letter to my mortgage company?

how to write a mortgage note

I need to "Deman the Note" from my current mortgage company holder. What do I say in the letter to properly ask them for a copy of the original note?


Best Answer: I did some research for you and this site will help you step by step in sending your "Produce The Note" letter. There are few how-to videos that explain exactly what you're doing and the proper way to do it. It also helps with the correct forms.

Please remember, this will more then likely not stop the foreclosure completely but may just postpone it to give you a little bit more time. In rare cases the banks have to give up forcing foreclosure but most of the time it's just a temporary bump in the process for them.


To the answerer above, of course they should just pay their mortgage but not everyone facing foreclosure did it to themselves. For a lot of people situations happened that were beyond their control and landed them in this unfortunate position. Sometimes it's losing a job they had for many years, other times it's from sudden illness or injury that causes them not to have enough money to pay the mortgage. There is no way for any of us to know the exact details of someone's situation, so it's important to resist passing judgment.

This person asked for help. The point of this site is to answer the question that is asked.

I'm sure you are usually more helpful in your answers and just let other people’s mistakes get the better of you. )

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