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Lease Termination Letter - How to End a Lease Properly

Lease Termination Letter - How to End a Lease Properly

A lease termination letter must be properly drafted and sent within the proper time frame to legally end a lease. If you've been wondering "how can I get out of a lease", you need to understand the rules, and what is considered a legitimate reason to end a lease early. Landlord and tenant law may not recognize what you consider a good reason for moving out, and you may still be held liable for the remainder of the lease term. Even if your tenants, neighbors, or landlord are driving you insane, your reason for wanting early termination of a lease for rental property must meet certain legal standards. We'll take a look at some of these below.

How Can You Get Out of a Rental Lease?

The terms of the lease contract will govern when a notice of termination must be delivered to tenants or a landlord. If the lease agreement is silent on early termination, or you don't have a lease to rent property, then the state law, which varies by state, will apply. Typically, the state law will require a week to 30-day notice, depending on the reason for ending a lease to rent property. Sometimes, an even shorter period will apply, such as a 3-day notice to quit when rent is overdue. The lease and rent forms offered by US Legal Forms are state-specific to comply with the landlord and tenants law in your state. Some of the common reasons the law recognizes for a landlord to get out of a rent to lease agreement include:

  • Failure to pay rent timely.
  • Failure to stick to the terms of the lease agreement, such as having unauthorized pets or long-term guests.
  • Damaging the property beyond normal wear and tear.
  • Causing disturbances that create a nuisance.
  • Domestic violence.
  • Drug activity.

For a lease to be broken by the tenant, it must be a reason that's not caused by the tenant. If tenants simply want to lease apartments elsewhere, caused by a change of job or other circumstance, it will be up to the landlord to agree to early termination. Voluntary early termination agreements will typically require tenants paying a financial incentive, and possibly finding a replacement tenant as well. For tenants wondering "how do I get out of a rental lease", some of the popularly recognized reasons include:

  • Uninhabitable premises due to conditions intolerable to an ordinary person.
  • Failure to provide basic needs like running water, electricity, or heat.
  • A landlord's failure to act against reported crime or drug activity in the apartments.
  • Lack of essential repairs after notice, such as not fixing a broken lock on a door or a leaking roof.

How Do You Write a Letter?

US Legal Forms offers an affordable, top quality termination of lease letter. If you're scratching your head and wondering how "how do you write a letter to end a lease", our sample notice of termination forms take the guesswork out. A notice to vacate letter can be downloaded in Word format and easily completed

from the convenience of your own computer.

Lease Termination FAQs

Can I break a lease early?

How to break a lease will depend on if the early lease termination is due to a violation of the lease, or if the lease contains terms allowing for early termination. For example, if a tenant has overdue rent payments or the landlord has violated building and safety codes and the rental unit is uninhabitable, landlord and tenant law or the lease terms may allow you to terminate the lease early. Otherwise, it may be possible to voluntarily create a termination of lease agreement form. The landlord will typically want some form of compensation for agreeing to terminate a lease early.

How do I get my security deposit back if I break a lease early?

When a landlord must return a security deposit will be governed by the terms of your commercial lease or state residential landlord and tenant law. An itemized statement of any deductions from the security deposit is usually required to be provided together with the lease termination and eviction notices, under state residential landlord tenant law. A required notice on state law explaining a tenant's right to a landlord's return of a security deposit may be included in a rental lease termination sample.

How can I cancel a lease early?

The state residential rental law will define tenants' rights, how to legally evict a tenant, and termination by tenant by using a termination of lease notice. To legally end a residential lease, a termination of lease letter must follow requirements of state landlord and tenant law. According to most jurisdictions, a 30 day notice must be given, but other jurisdictions' landlord tenant law may specify that a 7 day notice form, 14 day notice, or other lease agreement termination form to be used. Local law should be consulted for how to write a termination notice to cancel a lease. US Legal Forms offers a sample termination letter, lease termination template, or sample lease termination notice which is state-specific, and may be further customized in Word if desired to fit your needs.

How can I break a lease if the landlord didn't violate the lease?

Private negotiation may be used to convince the landlord to let you voluntarily end the lease early. When there is a lease termination agreement, an early lease termination agreement form may be created to break a lease. Such a lease termination agreement is enforceable under principles of contract law. Rental agreements may also contain terms dealing with early termination, so the lease terms need to be consulted on how to exercise this right. The lease may require a lease termination form letter to be delivered.

How can I evict a month-to-month tenant?

A landlord may choose eviction and lease termination of a month-to-month tenant without providing a reason. A lease termination letter must provide the notice required under state landlord and tenant law for a letter of lease termination, typically 30 days, unless a rental agreement in writing states otherwise. US Legal Forms has hundreds of state-specific landlord lease termination, lease termination sample, and lease termination letters professionally drafted in Word format.

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