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Loans when blacklisted

loans when blacklisted

Are you struggling with an unexpected expense, need a little financial relief and urgently need some extra cash right now?

Compare Multiple Cash Loan Quotes up to R150k. Blacklisted are Welcome!

We will try to help you no matter your current financial situation, if your are blacklisted, or if you have bad credit. Try us for fast assistance!

*Note: While all blacklisted persons can apply and may qualify, not everybody will be approved depending on your credit status

Our dedicated loan consultants will get back to the same day where possible, or within 24 hours maximum

Over 40,000 happy clients are assisted with a loan each month!

Some comments from our loan provider's happy clients.

IMPORTANT: We are a loan referral and marketing service and refer clients to other loan providers and companies. We do not provide loans directly ourselves. Please contact any loan providers you may have dealt with directly for support or to proceed with your loan application.

ANNUAL PERCENTAGE RATES: With your application, our service providers may charge you the following rates:  Interest rates: (RR x 2.2) + 20% per year. Initiation Fee: R150 per credit agreement, plus 10% of the amount of the Agreement in excess of R1000-00 but never exceed

R1000-00. Monthly service Fee: R50-00 Please note that this calculation of interest and fees is a guideline and subject to each lenders credit granting policy.

NON-PAYMENT OF CREDIT AGREEMENT: If there is an collection attempt declined by your bank, they will do their best to contact you through the day. They will try to resolve the situation that day but your bank may charge you for not having the funds available in your account. Interest and fees will continue to mount on your balance for up to 90 days if they can't reach a agreement in the meantime. Continued failure to repay a loan will result in a negative impact to your credit record. Records remain on file for a number of years after they are closed, whether settled by you or defaulted.

RENEWAL POLICY: We do assist clients with more than 1 active loan as long as your current loan is up to date. After you made 1 or more installments depending on which credit provider we deal with, we can offer you second and third loans if you are not in arrears, all other loans will be put through the same criteria as the first loan according to NCR rules and loan renewals are NOT AUTOMATIC.

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