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Mortgage how much borrow

mortgage how much borrow

How much can you borrow?

Budget for your future

To finance the purchase of your new home, first determine how a mortgage payment will affect your current budget.

  • Calculate your mortgage payment options - Use our online mortgage calculator to find out how much you can borrow and what your mortgage payments could be
Mortgage calculator
  • Consider your ongoing home ownership costs - As a homeowner, you are responsible for recurring expenses including

    • Monthly mortgage repayment

    • House insurance

    • Property taxes

    • Service fees (cable, telephone, internet)

    • Utility bills (electricity, gas, hydro)

    • Maintenance fees (condo management, house repairs)

    • Other repayments (loans, credit cards).

    • Take advantage of preferred rates - If you're an HSBC Premier 1 or HSBC Advance 2 client, you are eligible to receive a preferential mortgage rate

    1 HSBC Premier eligibility requires you to have an active Premier chequing account and maintain a $100,000 balance in combined personal deposits and investments with HSBC Bank Canada and its subsidiaries. Monthly banking package fees may apply.

    2 The HSBC Advance package is comprised of 4 products - HSBC Advance Chequing account, HSBC Advance Savings account, HSBC Advance

    MasterCard® and a personal line of credit with an introductory credit limit of $5,000. The chequing account, MasterCard and line of credit products are subject to credit adjudication and approval. When you have $25,000 in personal deposit and/or investments with HSBC Bank Canada or its subsidiaries, the monthly fee of $25 will be waived; if you do not have the minimum $25,000 your HSBC Advance Chequing account will be debited the $25 monthly fee. The HSBC Advance package includes Telephone and Personal Internet Banking withdrawals, bill payments, pre-authorized debits, Interac ®2 payments, cheques and unlimited deposits and withdrawals from any HSBC Bank Canada and THE EXCHANGE ®3 ATMs. Transaction fees will be charged for other services not included in the package, please refer to the Advance MasterCard ® Rates & Fees as well as the Personal Service Charges brochure. If you do not wish to apply for the HSBC Advance suite of products, similar products are available separately by calling 1.888.310.4722 or visit a branch .

    ® MasterCard is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated. Used pursuant to license.

    ®2 Interac. Trade-mark of Interac Inc. HSBC Bank Canada authorized user of the trade-mark.

    ®3 THE EXCHANGE. User licensed in Canada by FICANEX Services Limited partnership on behalf of Fiserv EFT.

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