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How do i accept credit cards

how do i accept credit cards

Acce pt credit card payments worldwide

To maximise the profit potential of your business requires that you give customers the option of paying by credit card, especially if you want to do business by mail-order or on the internet. In order to do this you need a Credit Card Merchant Account.

The high street banks all offer credit card merchant accounts, but they have strict credit rating requirements and are normally looking for at least a couple of years of solid trading accounts before they will entertain an application. They're also not keen on mail order and Internet businesses. So what if you're a small, home, mail-order,

internet or new business, or if you have a poor credit rating? You let us get you accepted instead for an online credit card merchant facility!

We can get you up and running with a Credit Card Merchant Account that will enable you to take credit cards, regardless of your credit background or lack of business history.

Real-time, online processing. Accept Visa, Master Card, Switch, Solo and Delta. AMEX and Diners available with separate, free, authorisation. Multi-currency options (incl Sterling, US$, DM, etc). No equipment costs -all processing done online. Discount rate 4.5%, annual service charge of Ј145.

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