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America's Next Top Model: The Girl Who Takes Credit

by JJ Hawkins. posted Mar 29th 2007 12:22PM

(S08E06) Renee was playing some serious mind games with the large figured models this episode when she dropped the comment saying "there would never be a plus-sized model on the cover of Vogue."

The worst part is, Diana and Whitney seemed to have consumed the bait as they both performed pretty poorly this week.

Renee is either utlizing a very clever strategy or she's just plain rude and happens to be the beneficiary of the results. I'd be willing to wager on the latter.

I'm seriously running out of ways to call Renee evil and we're only six episodes into the season. I thought Satan was appropriate but somehow it doesn't quite do her justice. I think I'm just going to start calling her Lord Voldermort and be done with it. From now on Renee, who remains my pick to win this thing, will be referred to as Lord Voldermort or "she who we do not name". I think it's a better fit for her.

Was anyone else surprised by the fact that Natasha has a baby? I don't recall the baby ever coming up in past episodes, so when she started talking baby talk and getting all sentimental it caught me off guard.

It was also priceless when she started meowing and softly asked her husband if he "would you be gentle to her", only to inadvertently hit the number pad on the phone and completely spoil the mood. High unintentional comedy.

I have to admit, I judged her wrong early on in the season. She came across as a spoiled, naive, foreign know-it-all, with a warped sense of reality, who could take the harshest of criticism and turn it into a compliment. She's still all of those things to me, but this week I also learned she is a misunderstood figure with a kind-heart.

Like Jael from a few weeks back, Natasha is really starting to step up her game and I attribute it two things. Foremost, she's finally starting to acclimate to the competition. For a while she was just kind of flailing around like a model with her head cut off, but now she really seems to have a grasp on what

she's doing.

Secondly, I think she has a slight advantage being foreign. She just seems less inhibited when it comes to the challenges and tries things that other more reserved models may be too self-conscious to attempt. Case in point, she absolutely blew up her gangsta photo shoot this week - which is a good think in JJ speak. The foil grill was a nice touch. Her stage presence shocked me.

Voldermort mentioned that Whitney and Dianne have to work harder because they are the plus sized models. I think that may be an accurate statement, but I think Natasha has to work pretty damn hard herself and was met with great results this week.

Anyhow, enough about Natasha. If nasty looks could make a head explode, all the models would have been covered with little pieces of Sara's brain when Dionne and Voldermort glared at her after she took credit for picking out her outfit during the mannequin challenge.

I often wonder if contestants on reality shows become so oblivious to the cameras that they forget they are being recorded. Every move you make, every breath you take, they'll be watching you - and that counts for lies too. Sara already has a habit of coming off as having an "I'm better than thou" attitude. Now she can add "takes credit for other peoples work" to her resume.

So is it wrong that the gender swap challenge made me question my sexuality? (And no jokes saying my reviews of America's Next Top Model had you readers questioning it a long time ago. ) Voldermort and Jaslene made for some pretty hot dudes.

Umm, I'm going to pretend like I didn't just type that and go touch my wife. Be right back.

Where was I? I can't say I was disappointed that Whitney or Diana were in the bottom two this week. Neither of their photos have done anything for me up to this point. I'm not sure if this means I'm only attracted to waifs or if they genuinely take poor pictures. Whichever is the case, I'm glad one of them is gone and fully expect Whitney to get a couple of boots next week regardless of what I said about her last week.

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