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Unemployment benefits how much do i get

unemployment benefits how much do i get


Best Answer: Depends if you are on Job seekers benefit (you need to have worked in the previous 40 weeks? I think and have paid so much PRSA) or job seekers allowance which is means tested. It gets paid weekly and you have to sign on once a month.

Also depends if you are married, single or have dependent children. Lots of variables. My partner has been out of work since last November and has just gone from job seekers benefit to job seekers allowance as he hasn't worked in the meantime. He gets around €350 per week. Its enough to live on just about but we go over the overdraft limit quite often and get bank charges. We have a mortgage and all the usual household bills, life assurance, car/house insurance and vets bills (my poor dog caught kennel cough from a guests' dog staying at the


The cost of living is very high here, I've just ordered a half fill of oil which will be around €300 and I have to tax our 2L car is €173 every 3 months. We haven't had a holiday for 2 years and I buy all our clothes from the charity shops apart from the kids school uniforms.

He can claim for me as I am self employed and declared a profit of the princely sum of 200 Euro last year. I don't draw a wage all the money I earn goes back into the business at the moment. Things are pretty quiet on the tourism front.

You also get a medical card which entitles you to free medical treatment/prescriptions and our children get a free school bus place, otherwise its €600 a year for the 2 of them to get to school 8 miles away.

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