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Unemployment benefits pa how much

unemployment benefits pa how much


In order to claim unemployment benefits in Pennsylvania, you have to have earned adequate money during the first 4 quarters of the last 5 completed quarters when you file your claim. The amount of money you earned during the base year –the four quarters mentioned earlier – partially determines if you are eligible for collecting unemployment compensation or not. It also determined the amount of benefits you are going to receive. Moreover, your previous job should be covered by the UC law of Pennsylvania.

Unemployment insurance is strictly for the individuals who have lost their jobs due to something that was not their fault. This includes situations such as:

  • Your employer has gone out of business
  • Mass company layoffs
  • Reduced working hours
  • You are entirely of partially unemployed because of work stoppage resulted by a lockout
  • You don’t forget to file judicious claims for weeks that you do not have a job
  • You had no job for a waiting period of seven days after filing an application for UC benefits
  • You are able and available for appropriate work/job
  • You must have worked for an employer who under the Lay pays into the Unemployment Compensation Fund.

You may be denied for your unemployment benefits if:

  • You are out of work as a result of your own doing. For instance, if you quit your job or were fired for breaking company policy.
  • You did not actively search for an appropriate employment
  • You do not accept an offer of appropriate work, without acceptable cause, or refuse a referral to a possible job opportunity
  • You limit the amount of time you are willing to work although additional work is available
  • You give false information or withhold facts in order to receive UC benefits
  • You are self-employed or are planning to be while working at your regular job
  • You do not participate in reemployment services that are obligatory
  • You are incarcerated
  • You leave the country. If you are interested in travelling and are planning to go out of the U.S. you need to contact the unemployment compensation service center before leaving

How to apply

You have 3 different options for filing your initial claim for UC. You can file online, over the phone or by sending

a paper application in the mail.

Before you begin your application, you are going to need the following:

  1. Social Security Number
  2. Alien registration number (for non-citizens)
  3. PA driver’s license number
  4. Mailing Address
  5. Employer Information Form
  6. Dates of employment
  7. Name of the employer
  8. Address of the employer
  9. Reason for leaving the job
  10. PIN

You can file online 24/7 here. The application is very simple and straightforward. If you wish to apply by phone, you can call toll-free at 1-888-313-7284 or 1-888-334-4046 for TTY. You can download the paper application here. The application states which address you must mail it to depending on the county you live in.


You are going to be paid Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation benefits every other week or in other words biweekly, provided that you are eligible for it. The benefits will be offered for a limited amount of time. Normally, you are going to be paid approximately half of the full-time wage you were getting prior to unemployment. The amount of money you are offered can be regarded as your weekly benefit rate, which is calculated in accordance with what you earned in your base year.

Your high quarter is the quarter during your base year in which you managed to earn the most money. Your weekly benefit rate is partly determined by the high quarter. In order to figure out how much you will be eligible to receive, visit the benefits calculator here .

You can receive payment through a state issued debit card or direct deposit. Direct deposit is considered as the most convenient and easiest way to receive the UC benefits. In order to set this up, you are going to need a routing number and a bank account number of your own. A telephone number is also required. The UC benefits are normally deposited into your account within a month. Meanwhile, you are going to be issued a debit card for receiving the benefits.


You can appeal a UC determination within 15 days of the date in which your determination letter was mailed. Your UC determination letter will state the location you should mail your appeal letter to. You can download the Appeals Form here .


Here are some resources that might help you with Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation.

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