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Unemployment benefits when you quit

unemployment benefits when you quit


Best Answer: In most cases, you can collect even if you quit.

The EDD will send a letter to your former boss asking if he is contesting unemployment. In most cases, the bosses are too busy or lazy to fill out the form and mail it back in. In other cases, they have no idea what the law is and ignore it.

Yes you can get unemployment if you quit, but you need to have all your ducks in a row. It would take me forever to find all the paperwork, so I am going off memory. Basically, you don't have to work at a job that is so dreadful it makes you physically or mentally "ill". I don't have the exact quote, but you get my drift. There would be hearings and you will not get it right away if you get it at all. You do not need any medical certification for this. His situation was extreme and his boss lied at the hearing and said that he fired my boyfriend. That was pretty stupid because his resignation email was time stamped. You do not have to legally give any notice other than to say "I quit" if you are an hourly employee. If you are salary, a contract is implied and legally you do need to give notice.

Source(s): My boyfriend actually got unemployment for this. We worked our butts off, studied the law and had signed statements from many witnesses.

For all the work we did and what we got, it wasn't worth it. His former boss is well known for abusing employees. Everyone is afraid of this guy and he was shocked somebody stood up to him and won, especially without an attorney. For us it was principal, not money.

Good luck to you. I don't know your situation and hope this answers your question.

The thumbs down made me dig this out:

"There is good cause for leaving work where the conditions become intolerable because the employer's physical facilities

endanger the health, safety or comfort of the employees, or such facilities violate the law. The employer must be given a reasonable opportunity to correct the sutuation after knowledge of the conditions. (Pecedent Decision P-B-144.)

An individual who quits without attempting to reslove work-related dissatifactions which propted the leaving is disqualified for benifits. The rule does not require that all possible remedies be exhausted. It is sufficient that the claimant made a reasonalble effort to reslove his or her dissatisfactions.

(Pescendent Decision P-B-457)

California Unemployment Insurance Los Angeles Office of Appeals.

And yes, I did have better things to do today.

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