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Vodafone how much credit

vodafone how much credit

I'm totally SHOCKED with this news that we can't use it for data. I was told that its interlink, the anydollar can be used for both phone & data & that's the reason why I signed up for the $49 dollars plan.

I'm more than happy to work with you to figure out what is and isn't included in your current plan and ensure that you're on one that suits your needs. Just to confirm, are you currently on a pre-paid or post-paid service with us? The first few posts in the Community thread are post-paid related and the second last was pre-paid. "Any-time dollars" is a pre-paid term we use for flexible credit. If you're a pre-paid customer, are you on the $49 Flexi cap? This includes $350 credit which can be used for calls, TXT, and excess data/ PXT along with 3G of included data. You can view the inclusions of our pre-paid recharges here .

caring_csw wrote:

If I knew it isn't the case, why the hell did I sign up for this plan. Nobody would have called me so often to spend these much. I need it for my skype & viber service so that I can call back to my home country! & by the way, it doesn't work also & luckily I'm staying in my Uni hostel, they provide internet service for these!

If you're you've signed up for a

post-paid service, the inclusions are a little bit different. The $49 plan includes $550 worth of flexible credit and 1-1.5GB of data depending on when you commenced this contract. Additional data won't come out of your $550 flexible credit but will be billed on top. To minimise charges for this we suggest adding a data pack which costs as little as $5 extra per month. You can view all our casual and contracted data packs here . How much extra data are you finding that you need each month? I'd imagine the $49 plan would have been advised as our two lower plans $29 and $39 only come with 200MB and 500MB which wouldn't have been nearly enough for you.

caring_csw wrote:

I'm sad to hear that you're unhappy with your WiFi, is this a separate service to your mobile phone or is it bundled together? I'd really like to work with you to find out why it hasn't been working the way it should for you. Does your data work fine on your phone? If this is this the case I'd like to check if there is an issue with your WiFi itself or the SIM. Are you able to try popping the broadband SIM into a mobile phone and seeing if you're able to access the Internet this way? If the SIM or device is faulty we can look at repairing or replacing this/these for you.

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