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How Do I Apply For An FHA Bad Credit Home Loan?

how do i apply for an fha home loan

There are several avenues you can take to get an FHA bad credit loan .

How Do I Apply For An FHA Bad Credit Home Loan. A person should contact the Federal Housing Administration in order to get a loan, whether you have bad credit or not. How Do I Apply For An FHA Bad Credit Home Loan? You simply call the Federal Housing Administration and they can send you a form or you can download the form on their website. You will need to sit down with the Federal Housing Administration representative and discuss things such as your basic credit history and they also probably want to know what your current employment status is. The FHA officials are not likely to give a loan to someone who is unemployed, regardless of your credit score .

Talk To Your Congressional Representative

If you are having trouble filling out the FHA form, you need to

contact someone who can be an advocate on your behalf and help you fill out the firm correctly and in a timely basis. There are times that you have to keep in mind when it comes to an FHA application. The congressional representative can put their constituent in touch with a social worker in the given area in order to get the process started when it comes to getting the application filled out.

It is important that you are able to obtain insurance for an FHA financed home. The lending programs as far as insurance goes are something that is touched upon in the application process. FHA Commissioner David Stevens supports the extension of the insurance lending programs within the economic stimulus package. The Federal Housing Administration does have a six hundred million dollar package regarding lenders insurance programs. FHA is now involved with at least twenty percent of the housing mortgages in the country.

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