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How do i apply for credit card

how do i apply for credit card


Best Answer: I work in the credit card industry manually approving or declining general applications and credit line increase requests, so I can definitely help answer some questions that you have. I answer them in the order that you asked them.

In my personal and professional opinion, the first thing that you should do in looking for a credit card is to research as much as you possibly can about them. Credit cards get a bad rap not only from people that don't understand how they work and use them irresponsibly, but certain credit card companies that use greed to take advantage of people. The main thing that you should understand that whatever you purchase with the card MUST BE PAID BACK. Until the statement is paid in full, it is NOT YOUR MONEY. Another thing is that you should only use it in emergencies or for very small purchases that can be paid off in full either with one or no more than two payments. Another thing that

you should be aware of is the interest rate, or APR. The lower the APR, the better, the higher the APR, the more that will be billed in finance charges, making it harder to pay it off.

As for getting a credit card, it would be easier to get it from your bank since you're already a customer with them, the bank is familiar with you. You may want to see if secured credit cards are offered. These work just like a regular credit card only except a cash deposit is used as collateral to establish a line of credit. This is held while you build credit by making on time payments, and it's given back sometime later. You can think of a secured card as a "credit card with tranining wheels". At least with this kind of card, you're already securing the deposit in case you fall behind and don't pay, it would just be forfeited.

Hopefully, what I gave you can point you out in the right direction

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