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What are Bridging Loans?

what are bridging loans

Niche Advice offers bridging loans to those in need to purchase property quickly.

What are UK bridging loans? Well a bridging loan is a short term loan used to achieve a particular objective. The most common use of a bridging loan is for purchasing property in a timely fashion using existing assets but without relinquishing them. For instance, it could be that a property is on the market or at an auction at a reduced price and you need a fast bridging loan to secure it before others step in. This can be achieved by using your existing assets as collateral for the bridging loan i.e. asset backed finance.

Obtaining bridging loans can be off-putting. For most people it is a once in a life time exercise and it is difficult to know where to find friendly and impartial advice for bridging loans.

At Niche Advice we are happy to arrange bridging loans for you from our comprehensive panel of providers. We will talk you through the process and terminology of bridging with no question viewed as ‘silly’ or ‘unnecessary’. We will discuss the advantages as well as the disadvantages of asset-backed short term finance without you having to make a commitment to our expert bridging loan service. We will also look at the overall context to ascertain whether a bridging loan is the most suitable funding for you or whether you would benefit from a more traditional mortgage.

Importantly, a bridging loan is not like a normal personal loan

or overdraft facility from a high street bank. The terms for bridge loan are often complex and pliable i.e. they can shift during the process if the lender thinks they have you over a barrel. This is where our expertise on bridging finance really comes in its own as we know the bridging loan market and what bridging loan fees, bridging loan charges and bridging loan interest rates should apply. We will negotiate hard on your behalf, and as we are totally independent we will have your best interests at heart as you are ‘our’ customer.

Furthermore, we will ensure the lenders stay true to their initial bridging loan rates and terms and do not move the goal posts. which is common place if you approach bridging lenders directly for bridging loans, so why not give us a try?

All Commercial Mortgages  are handled by our sister company Niche Funding Limited for more information please contact 020 7993 2044 or alternatively complete the enquiry form on this page.

Payam Azadi is a partner at Niche Advice who are whole of the market Independent Finance Brokers In London. His role is very much focused on Property financing both on residential and commercial lines.

You can call Payam on 020 7993 2044 or alternatively complete the enquiry form so he can personally get in touch with you.

Niche Advice is not tied to any bank, building society, estate agent or insurer and offers Independent Mortgage and estate planning services.

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